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Deli Trays

Meat & cheese can be sliced or cubed.Call for currently available meat & cheese options.

Serves 10 - 15
2 lbs of meat & (3)1 lb of cheese
Choose 3 types of meat & 2 types of cheese.
Serves 20
4 lbs of meat &(3-4) 2 lbs of cheese
Choose 3-4 types of meat & 2-3 types of cheese.
Serves 30
6 lbs of meat & (3-4) 3 lbs of cheese
Choose 3-4 types of meat & 3-4 types of cheese.

Choices include:  Ham, Baked Ham, Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Bologna, Turkey Bologna, Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, Ring Bologna, American Cheese, Muenster, Swiss, Lacey Swiss, Havarti, Provolone, Sharp Cheddar, or flavored cheeses.

Meat can be sliced or cubed. 

Sauces available:  Mayonnaise, or dipping mustard ( our honey mustard, Ground mustard, Yellow mustard, or Spicy Brown mustard)

May we also suggest our Vegetable Side Tray that

goes great with the Deli Trays!

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