We Offer...

At Eby's General Store...

You will find a variety of Groceries, Catering & Hardware

◾Grocery Items - Canned Food, Boxed Cereals, Jar items and more.

◾Meat Counter - Fresh Beef, Pork, Chicken, Eby's Own Rotisserie Baked Ham

◾Cold Cuts - Hand Cut, Sandwiches made to order. We will gladly accept calls for any special orders.

◾Cheese Area - American, Provolone, Swiss and more.

◾Freezer Section - Frozen Meats, Dishes and more.

◾Home Care Products - Soaps, Detergents, Light Bulbs and more.

◾Take home Lunch Items and Catering Services (pricing & options)

◾Seasonal Produce - Local Farm Vegetables & Fruit

◾Visit our catering page to select items for a lunch sandwich.

◾"Grab & Go" meals for lunch or dinner.

◾"Coffee To Go" (New England Blends)

◾Bagged Lunches for Groups

◾Eby's Famous "Smackaroni Salad" & Potato Salad.

◾Unique Gift Baskets (Fruit, Snack Bags, etc.)

◾Hershey Ice Cream

◾2 Desserts of the Week!

◾Hunting & Fishing License

◾Dog License

◾Postal Services

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Eby's General Store